Dogs that we have exported and imported during all these wonderful years with
Cairn Terriers, some as show dogs and others as family dogs

greenlandZalazar Christmas Cracker

Zalazar Naja

Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren

jap flagZalazar What Dreams Are Made Of

Yellow Brick Road Deja Vue
Yellow Brick Road Quite A Handful
Fettercairn Joachim
Zalazar American Intruder
Zalazar Ziggy Stardust
Zalazar Koh-I-Noor
Zalazar Walk The Line
Zalazar Hold The Line
Zalazar You Win Again
Zalazar Christmas Joy

Zalazar Jumanji
Zalazar Wannabe
Zalazar Viva Rose

Zalazar Jalla Jalla
Zalazar iPod
Zalazar La Bonne
Zalazar Van Dyke
Zalazar Walking On Sunshine
Zalazar You Got It
Zalazar In Wonderland
Zalazar Joint Venture

Zalazar Hard To Get
Zalazar Special Agent K9
Zalazar Vanessa
Zalazar Donna Rosita

Zalazar Vanilla
Zalazar Komtesse Viola

Zalazar Copyright

Zalazar Goes Crazy

Reigab Count On Me
Zalazar Headhunter
Zalazar Donna Dolores

Cadagio Miss Dizzy Lizzy
Zalazar Special Edition

Zalazar El Zorro
Zalazar Konsulinde Holm

Zalazar Copyart

Zalazar Secret Mission
Zalazar Love Is In The Air
Zalazar Quite Special
Quite Unique from Hoity-Toity Gang
Quite A Surprice Hoity-Toity Gang

Zalazar In Heaven

Zalazar Enjoy
Zalazar Nina Simone
Zalazar Rolls Royce
Zalazar Chocolate Muffin
Zalazar Chocolate Chip Cookie
Zalazar iMac
Zalazar Mercedes
Zalazar Power Of Love
Zalazar Quest For Success
Zalazar Roll The Dice
Zalazar Yo-Yo
Zalazar Who's That Girl