BIS 1 puppy

1126bis1hvalpWhat a lovely day in Kolding! Zalazar Northern Star / Hugo Børge (dkch Mr Winterbottom's Barclay - dkjch Zalazar Det er ganske Vist!) went BEST IN SHOW puppy.
Rose Arch of M & R Deko Jp (Rosa) went 3v junior with CK. Breed judge: Bill Brown-Cole. BIS judge Malgorzata Jurek Erenska.
Hugos father went BOB and Best In Show 4!

BIS for the third time

Cairn Terrier Zalazar Northern Star
3. day at the DTK Terrier Festival. Another day in good company with Cairn owners.
Breed judge: Laura Cox.
Zalazar Northern Star (Hugo Børge) once again a star ❤️ SI1, BOB baby and again BIS 1.
Zalazar Wish Upon A Star (Lykke) SL2
Zalazar All You Need Is Love (Bianca) SL4
Rose Arch Of M & R Deko JP (Rosa) EX 3 junior bitch

Terrier Festival day 2

Cairn Terrier Zalazar Northern Star
Yet another wonderful day at the Terrier Festival together with great friends.
Cairns did well under judge M. Möller-Sieber in the breed ring.
Zalazar Northern Star (Hugo Børge) SL 1 BOB baby & BIS baby
Zalazar Wish Upon A Star (Lykke) SL 4
After the show we went to Faxe kalkbrud, where we went for a great walk with the Cairns. We bought fish and shrimps for dinner at Rødvig camping.

BOB Zalazar Tommelise

Cairn Terrier Zalazar TommeliseCairn Terrier Zalazar TommeliseNational show Klatovy, judge Alena Auerbach CZ
Zalazar Tommelise aka Lisa - CAC, Best bitch, National Winner, BOB ❤
Owner: Lucka Vynikal

BOB Baltic Terrier Show

Congratulations to Holgers daughter Team Salskovs’ Nivi who went BOB at Baltic Terrier Show under judge Rainer Jacobs this weekend

1st Best Junior Handler

Cairn terrier Zalazar Christmas JoyZalazar Christmas Joy (Zalazar Unknown Treasure - Quite A Surprice Hoity-Toity Gang) blev nr 1 med sin juniorhandler Rayelle.

Rayelle did a beautiful job at NCTA. Her 1st Best Junior Handler! Thank you to NCTA for a lovely show and for supporting the Junior Handlers!!

New Danish champion!

Cairn Terrier Zalazar Holger Danske

New Danish champion!
Yippppiiiii today at the DTK show in Holsted, dkjuch Zalazar Holger Danske won his 3rd CAC & reserve best male under judge Gabi Van Ruiten-Hajnová, CZ. I am ever so happy and proud, as he is the 36th registrated Zalazar Champion!
Now we celebrate 🥂🍾

GBCH Crufts winner 2010 Zalazar UnZipped! At Starveren

Cairn Terrier GBCH Crufts winner 2010 Zalazar UnZipped! At Starveren

GBCH Crufts winner 2010 Zalazar UnZipped! At Starveren ❤️ 10.06.2006 🖤 31.03.2022
Uzi is no more,today it was time to say goodby✨.
He had a great life with Mary & John Middlehurst.
Mary kept him in super condition and show coat and he gained his championship the day he also won BOB at Crufts.
Uzi has made some lovely puppies and I believe he left his pawprints 🐾
My thoughts go to Mary & John ❤️

Beautiful sunny day

It has been a beautiful sunny day and I took the dogs for a long walk. When we left the closed Assen track, they were allowed to run loose in shifts.